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Joe Bain

Revive deleted file

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I've accidentally deleted some files from my repository and I'm trying to revive them from the history. I've found the changeset that introduced the files but I can't find an option to bring them back. If I click "Browse repository in this changeset" it just shows the current version of the repo. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've been looking through the docs and google and I can't figure it out!


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Thanks, I'll see if I can find the change that deleted these files. In git I would do `git checkout [revision] -- [files]` but I take it there's nothing like that in Plastic?

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If you are using the console, you should be able to run the following Plastic commamnd:

cm undelete --help
Undeletes an item using a specific revision.


    cm undelete revspec path

    revspec             Specification of the revision whose contents will
                        be loaded in the workspace.
    path                Restore path.


    The item to undelete should not be already loaded in the workspace.

    The undelete operation is not supported for xlinks.


    cm undelete revid:756 C:\mywks\src\foo.c
    cm undelete itemid:68#cs:2 C:\mywks\dir\myfile.pdf
    cm undelete serverpath:/src#br:/main C:\mywks\Dir



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