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Unexpected files in Pending Changes

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I'm starting to see files appearing in Pending Changes despite not having been modified or saved in my workspace (at least not by me).  

In the Preferences I've already selected 'Do not allow, show an error' for the behavior when switching workspaces with changed items.  This seems to be working correctly.

But when I do switch my workspace to a difference branch, if i go to Pending Changes straight away I see a handful of files that appear to have been modified seconds ago.  If I try doing a diff of the workspace contents Plastic finds no actual revisions in the content.

I did wonder whether any fields within the files (they're word documents) are auto-updating and so appearing modified, but as I've never saved the modified files I don't know how they're appearing as pending.

Also, the files that appear in Pending Changes seem completely random and bear no relation to what has actually changed previously in the branch.

I'm on so a little out of date but haven't run into this problem before.

The only difference in approach is that I've recently started placing my workspaces on a network drive rather than the local c:\ drive.  Could this be a factor?



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Definitely this is not normal. It could be related to your network drive. At the end of the day Plastic just goes over the workspace trying to identify items where the timestamp has changed.

There is an option under "Preferences" --> "Other options" so the pending changes view checks the file hash instead of the timestamp to determine if a file has been changed or not. Could you check if it helps? I guess the changed items don't have real changes but only the timestamp (for some unkown reasons).



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Thanks Carlos, I think you might be right.  I changed the preference and based on a few spot checks, the problem seems to go away.  I should have thought of that!

I guess checking the hash is slightly slower but it doesn't seem to matter for our repo size.  

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