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URI to Code review within Plastic desktop application?

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I wonder if it is possible to create a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to a Code Review within Plastic desktop application? My use case is that I want to be able to send code review links to my coworkers so that they can trivially locate the code review.

For instance: When a user opens a URI link to a Code Review, the desktop application of Plastic SCM should open and show the Code Review as if the user manually navigated in the GUI to find the Code Review and finally opening it via double-cliking the Code Review from within the Code reviews-tab.

So I am looking for something similar to how a user can open a song in Spotify via URIs, example URI:


Is this feature available within Plastic SCM? If yes, where can I find more information about this feature?

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That is not what the OP was asking about. There is already a rudimentary URI support for the Plastic client GUI (at least on Windows), which you can see if you try navigating to plastic: in a web browser - it will open the Plastic client GUI.

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You can open a Plastic diff using the following format. But this is only valid to open a diff view.


But if you are using code reviews and you want to share links...you can use the webUI for that purpose.

But it won't open the Plastic GUI but you would be using the web for handling the webUI workflow.



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