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Comments being truncated after doing GitSync


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I'm really putting GitSync feature on stress lately! :D


I'm having some problems after doing the GitSync.


  1. First, the branches comments are being ignored at the sync. Plastic's branches comments are not being sent to Git. (I don't even know if it's possible...)
  2. The comments at the checkins are being truncated. I have 2 prints to show the problem:

This is the plastic's side:




This is the git's side:




I'm being asked why the heck this is happening (people here don't know I'm using Plastic, they use the SourceTree... argh...) and I don't know what to say... :P

I guess this could be related to the fact that I'm using special chars.


Please... Help me with this.. I don't want to go back to SourceTree :(

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1. We cannot push the Plastic branch commetns to git, because in git, the branches are just pointers to a specific commit. If you check the metadata folder in git (".git"), the branch is just a file with the branch name and its content is a sha git commit.


2. It seems that it´s an issue related to Portuguese characters. I´m able to reproduce the issue using your same comment. But it´s strange, because using the same characters in other comments, the issue doesn´t happen.  I will investigate more to get a pattern or figure out why the comment is being truncated.



Sorry for the inconvenience, regards,


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Hi Carlos!


I've found in my repository strings being truncated that does not have special chars.

It does not seems to have a "pattern" to when or why the string is begin truncated.


Look the prints here:




Do you need any information I can send you to help you on this issue?

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Hello Cidico,


Yes, I was able to reproduce the issue. At least we have some scenarios where it´s happening.   All the cases we have reproduced are using special characters, but not always we use the same special characters in other commetnts the issue happens (what it´s a bit strange).


I´m afraid that the task to fix the issue is not performed yet :(




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