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Hello, Plastic Team,

when querying with a date condition, for example, cm find changeset where date>'10/09/2010' on repository 'test1', how will plastic server interpret my date string '10/09/2010'? Oct. 09 or Sep. 10? How can I tell Plastic server my date format?



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Hi Oscar,

Are you really in China?

If you check the cm find command you'll see there's a --dateformat option

cm find

Gets a list of objects following search criteria.


cm find object [where conditions] [on repositories] [options]

object: Object type to find.

conditions: Search conditions on an object

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Hi Oscar,

the date is parsed in the client and uses the culture that you have configured your Plastic client with.

So, if your Plastic client is set to Spanish, 10/09/2010 will be interpreted as Sept 10th. If set to English, as Oct 9th.

From the command line, you can force the format with the --dateformat argument. Try cm find --help to find some samples.

The date format used there is fully documented here:




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