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Bamboo sync to changeset gets latest instead


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I'm seeing an issue where when I try and build a specific changeset in bamboo it syncs to the latest changeset instead. This used to work, but I'm guessing it broke sometime after a plastic server update. Is there an updated version of the plugin I can use? Or a fix/workaround? Thanks!

plugin: bamboo-plasticscm-plugin-5.14.1
bamboo: version 6.7.1 build 60705

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The Plastic server version should be relevant. Only the plugin version, Bamboo version, and the Plastic client version. Have you recently upgraded any of them?

What is your current Plastic client version installed in the Bamboo machine?

Could you attach an screenshot of the Bamboo configuration panel: Plastic SCM selector... to review it?




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- I was refering to the the build panel when you set a specific changeset instead of a branch to build.

-  Did you perform any Bamboo, Plastic recent upgrade? We haven't released a new plugin plugin version for a long time. Anyway, we will give it a try.



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Bamboo and the plastic plugin have not been upgraded. Plastic server and clients build agents have both been updated.

There's a relevant conflict evident in the build logs and summary. Note the metadata is correct, but then the build summary lists the wrong custom revision.

Bamboo build metadata:
customRevision    22530
dependenciesDisabled    true
ManualBuildTriggerReason.customRevision    22530

Build summary:
Custom variables
    Custom revision 22538

simple    02-Mar-2020 15:23:43    Starting task 'Checkout Default Repository' of type 'com.atlassian.bamboo.plugins.vcs:task.vcs.checkout'
simple    02-Mar-2020 15:23:43    Checking out into C:\bamboo-agent-home\xml-data\build-dir\FIR-PKG-JOB1
simple    02-Mar-2020 15:23:43    Updating source code to revision: 22538
simple    02-Mar-2020 15:24:01    Updated source code to revision: 22538
simple    02-Mar-2020 15:24:01    Finished task 'Checkout Default Repository' with result: Success


Also taken from earlier in the log is all the variables:



From all of this it looks like a bamboo bug, but I'm 99% sure this used to work and bamboo hasn't been updated while plastic has.

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The only thing I can think of is we have 3 build agents and commonly we're doing custom builds for a past revision.

Here's a case I just tried:
- Latest cs is 23277 and Agent 1 is currently building it
- Agent 2 last built 23275
- I Run Customized with 23275 as the revision
- Agent 2 starts the build and updates to 23277, even listing 23277 as the custom revision like in my previous post.

Tried it on another plan:
- Latest cs is 23277
- Agent 3 last build 23276
- Run Customized with 23275 as the revision
- Agent 3 picks it up and updates to 23277 instead

Nothing else of much interest. Single stage and job in bamboo. First task is checkout repo. Repo using main branch, no other branches active. Repo is linked across all build plans. Seems to happen on all build agents and plans.

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Hi Tyler,


I have been working on this and trying to get it working as you are doing, but so far I haven't been able to set the changeset to build, as it only allows me to add a branch.

You can check it in the attached image. Can you tell me where are you adding it? 

Furhtermore, we released a task some time ago where the behaeviour of the "update" was changed. 


All platforms – Plastic, Gluon, command line: Now update always goes to latest.

Suppose you switched your workspace to a particular changeset, then decided to update. You were stuck on that changeset, by design.

We thought (for a few years already) that if you had switched to a given changeset, why would you want to jump to latest during an update?

But then we realized it was a true UX pain. Why wouldn't you want to switch to latest?

So, we just changed the behaviour. Now, when you update, you'll always go to latest in the branch, even if you were working on a given changeset or label before.

It was done the 2019-07-23, and released on version 3470.

Were you using a previous version when it was working?





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Repo setup look fine. I'm doing a manual build with a custom revision set. https://confluence.atlassian.com/bamboo/running-a-plan-build-manually-289276898.html#Runningaplanbuildmanually-Runningacustomizedmanualbuild

Searched around and found a very old log with custom revision working from 2018. So yes, definitely was with a previous version but I can't say which one.

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We have released the following task:

All platforms - Bamboo plugin: We added support to perform customized runs. This kind of runs let you specify the changeset to build. Before these changes, Bamboo considered those runs as simply building the latest contents.

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