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Perforce to Plastic


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I'm taking Plastic for a spin and it's looking promising.  Unfortunately, the PDF "Migrating from Perforce to Plastic SCM" appears to be outdated as there is no "guimporter" tool in the client directory.


What is the recommended approach for importing the contents of a Perforce depot into Plastic?  I tried to find the relevant documentation, but I failed at that. :)


I see some references to how in Plastic v5 can use a Git fast-import format, but I'm not sure that Perforce can output that format; so I'm wondering what the recommended approach is for importing data from Perforce.

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Hi @Audacity

I recommend you to use the "cm sync" command to import a P4 depot path, and all its history, to a Plastic SCM repository. We call it "p4sync".

Please find a complete guide of the Perfoce "cm sync" command here: https://plasticscmsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023787873-P4-Sync-How-it-works

Also, check the link below, it explains the main differences between P4 and Plastic, and why Plastic SCM is better and faster.




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