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"View history as 2D revision tree" incorrect if file got deleted at some point

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If a file got deleted and one wants to see the file's history from a previous changeset, many changesets are missing from the diagram (example one: lots of deletes (on different branches) in the list history, but the last entry in the 2D view is changeset 1000.

It gets worse: in another case, a file was modified on a subbranch of /main/nard1 (1819 and 1834) (=> note: the merge-back of these changes into /main/nard1 is NOT listed, which might be considered as another bug?), then moved, and finally deleted in 2190 (on a DIFFERENT subbranch of /main/nard1), which was then merged back to /main/nard1 in 2192.

However, when looking at the 2D diagram - it is completely empty! NONE of the deletions are shown, and what's worse: not even the changes or moves in 1819 etc.!
If the Toggle "Only relevant" is disabled, tons of "U" changesets are shown - but again, none of the deletes, and none of the changes and moves.
I also attached my Branch Explorer options, which do not constrain the view in any relevant way.

If I explicitly right-click on 1819 in the list history and "View history as 2D revision tree", this particular changeset suddenly appears (screenshot "example2d") - but the change in 1834, as well as others, are still not shown.

Using, but this bug has been around a long time.


Also note: the list-history-view shows useless informations for deletions and moves in the "Branch" column (i.e., "file was deleted" and "file was moved"), instead of the branch name. This makes the attached lists 1a and 2a essentially unreadable, as there are tons of deletes, but you have no information on which branch they happened, and you cannot get any further with the right-click menu: it has only two entries for these cases, ""History: list of revision" (which just REOPENS the same, current list in another tab), and "View history as 2D revision tree (which is greyed out).








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