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Cloud/Local Diff or Force Update?


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I'm trying out Plastic and seem to have gotten myself into a bad situation.

Basically my local copy on one machine is correct, but the cloud is showing last change from a week ago and another machine is borked. On the good machine Plastic has no pending changes even though there are changes, and wants me to update from cloud which would overwrite my good local copy. What I want to do is overwrite the cloud with my local version that’s good to fix the cloud version, then pull that on the other machine to fix that one.

I assume "pending changes" is a local to cloud diff? Why isn't it showing the differences correctly?

How can I "force update" the cloud? I can't find any such option.

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It really depends how your workspace is setup. Your workspace can be pointing to a local repo (if you installed Cloud Edition, you could be using a local server and local repos) or directly to a cloud one.

So, if you're on a local repo, it is a Git-like situation: you should pull from Cloud before updating (and yes, we do it in two steps, not one like Git). See what I mean?

Check where your workspace is "pointing to" and whether it says "local" or "cloud".

Pending Changes always shows diffs comparing what you changed starting from a given changeset, but it won't show differences with the head, just with your starting changeset (incoming changes on the other hand, will show you diffs with head).

Hope it helps, but let me know if it doesn't.


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I mentioned this in the other thread, but the Plastic use of the words source and destination are really confusing. It's hard to tell which direction it means and the context isn't clear. I have a workspace on my local disk and I can see the 2 steps local -> cloud. I my local directory to overwrite everything else: local server and then to cloud. Every time I try to push it brings me to a merge conflict window with no option to just overwrite destination (and as per my other thread the auto merge is suggesting the wrong direction to overwrite).

So unfortunately it doesn't help. I have my pending changes that I want to overwrite everything else and can't find a way to do that.

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Ok, let's see if I can help:


  • First thing is to take into account you can work distributed or centralized. Not sure if I'm saying something too obvious but:
  • Once you solve the merge conflict (you need to push first if there are conflicts upstairs, like Git), checkin locally, then push, and the conflict will be gone in the next pushes.
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