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Am I doing this right? Evaluating DVCS functionality

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I'm in charge of evaluating Plastic for our company, and I'm struggling a little to make sure I'm doing stuff right. We're trying to have an on-premises server set up, with developers using a local server that they can check stuff into and then push to the central server. There's a lot of great documentation, but I feel like I haven't found documentation that was really tailored to this scenario. Please do point me to some if I've missed it.

I've installed the server on the central server, and installed the client on my own machine. I created a repo for an existing Unity project and added all the files to it. Then I wanted to switch to the DVCS model. I eventually wound up uninstalling everything locally and reinstalling, including the server this time. So now I have the GUI pointing to my local server. I'm trying to figure out what the process is supposed to be for pulling that repo down to my local server and eventually pushing changes back to it. Is it supposed to only be through the command line using clone/pull/push commands? Is the GUI's "Sync repositories" command for this situation? Ideally, I'd like to use the GUI as I think that will improve uptake with the developers.

And in the future, if I want to create a new repo that's going to wind up on the central server (where the repo doesn't currently exist), what's the process for that? Can I create it locally and then somehow push it as a new project to the server? Or do I have to get on the central server, create the repo there, then clone it down locally, add stuff to it and push it back?

I've messed with git some in the past, but definitely not enough to be skilled at similar situations. So please explain it like I don't know git. :)


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Hi Jep,

I bet you are almost there, but we're failing to explain it correctly. Sorry for that.

Let me know if this two things help you.

1. I recorded a video explaining distributed vs centralized: 



2. We have a section in the Plastic Book dedicated to this https://www.plasticscm.com/book/#_centralized_distributed


In case none of these make it clear, just let me know, please 🙂

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Just wanted to note that I eventually found the information I needed. I was familiar with the various concepts and terminology of DVCS, though I've only dabbled in git. The problem was that I just couldn't discover (or find documentation for) how to get to those features in the Plastic SCM GUI. That guide you linked to is great, but it's also not great. It is expansive and comprehensive. But this makes it difficult when there's a lot of information that's not needed to get through to find what you do need. Like where push/pull is located in the GUI. And in general, how to set up a local server and an on-premises server and move data back and forth between them. Creating repositories in the context of local vs server.

Basically, I think more targeted topics would make it a lot easier to find specific information. I know that's just more documentation to have to keep refreshed (I'm a developer/documenter, too), though.

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