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Udt timeout error when calling `cm lu` from the command line

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I tried to call `cm lu` from the command line recently and I've been getting an odd error message. Specifically, I get this:


$ cm lu repserver:ssl://my.domain.com:8088
Error: Udt can't connect to [my.ip.address.here:8088] after 3000 ms. To increase the timeout set SocketConnectTimeoutMillisec in client.conf. Configure server.conf if the timeout happens during push/pull


Our PlasticSCM instance is reachable and is running. It is sitting on an instance behind a VPN. I can access its webadmin portal, and other commands, like 'cm showacl repserver:ssl://my.domain.com:8088', work perfectly fine.

I see that there is a slider for Udt on our server (also running Ubuntu Linux, like me). I tried setting it but it didn't seem to help at all.

My local `cm` version is, and the server version of `cm` is Is it possible that I need to update the server to make this (and possibly other commands) work?

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