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how to permanently remove files from tracking in order to reduce repo size on the cloud?


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So I'm looking at getting my art team off of Unity Collab and onto Plastic Gluon for managing and sharing our art assets, and as part of my quick guide doc that I'm putting together, I mentioned that we should remove any folders that we're no longer working with, in order to reduce the size of our repo in the cloud and thus reduce the cost of our plastic membership. Then i realized that because you can un-delete files, that the revisions before the deletion must still be stored in the cloud, so deleting them does nothing for cloud repo size.

for non-cloud edition plastic, I've seen the recommendation to use the archive command, but there doesn't seem to be an alternative for Cloud Edition.

is there any way to remove files from version control in the cloud in order to reduce our cloud usage for a particular repository?

Thank you!

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