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Deleted local changeset breaks cloud sync


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I've looked and there are a number of strings that are close to our problem but somehow not quite.  I understand that deleting changesets is not good as opposed to subtractive merge, etc. New guy checked in something, pushed it to the cloud, and then deleted it locally, and then tried to check something else in and now he can't sync to the cloud when adding to that branch.  

This post looked close to what we're experiencing but we tried the suggestions and it didn't help.  Is there a way to reset his local repo to undo the local delete or to force the local repo to match the cloud?  Sync view says he's up to date if he has nothing new checked in, once he checks in he can't push it.  The cloud still shows the deleted changeset while his does not.  

Our repo is large, so between downloading it to a fresh workspace and having Unity reprocess it all would cost us a day.



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So this wouldn't have taken so long to fix, but this was a branch that the dev was working out of alone.  He was able to push changes to other branches but having deleted the local changeset he was stuck in regard to that single branch.  The fix was easy but not obvious.  We had to have another dev check into that branch and when he pulled the new change it also replaced the changeset that he'd deleted locally.  Leaving this here to help anyone who runs into this same issue.

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Hi Jeff,

I'm sorry for the late reply. As you said, we don't encourage the modification of the history because it can lead to this kind of scenarios. The only way to fix it without having to create a new local repo is to have another teammate create a new changeset where the deleted one was supposed to be, as you did.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.



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