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Setting up plastic for remote access

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I'm trying to set up a new plastic server on a Linux (Debian 10.5.0) machine, and i want to use the no GUI setup. In your docs you state that you have to open the web admin in a browser on the local machine. I've followed the steps in your official guide to installing on linux and have the newest vesion available to apt-get installed.

 S_Luis explains how to set up for remote access. I've tried to follow the steps, but i could not find the network.conf file he said I should make changes to. I could find a remoting.conf file which your docs states is outdated and automatically replaced by network.conf. 

When I try installing linux with a gui and access webadmin through localhost i can work with it, and connect to source control on port 8087, but i've not been able to set it up for ssl.
I've followed the steps to set up the self signed certificate in your guide to web admin as well.

I'm slightly lost about what to do, do you have any steps I can try? 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @mjensenSorry for the late answer, I was out of office :)

Which package did you install exactly?

  • plasticscm-server-core
    • This is based on Mono 4. It is unable to serve the WebUI through SSL because of Mono limitations, and thus, it can't be accessed from outside localhost. We intend to deprecate this package soon.
  • plasticscm-server-netcore
    • This is based on .NET Core 3. It is able to server the WebAdmin through SSL, and thus, it can be accessed from outside localhost.

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