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Unable to connect specific user to cloud but others work


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My team is having problems connecting one of our members to our cloud organization. All other accounts work fine. We simply go through the client configuration wizard, then it first asks to login, which works even with the problematic user. It then says "correctly logged in to plasticscm.com" and let's us join our organization. So far everything seems to work fine. We then launch Gluon. However, now a popup appears asking to login again, which then fails despite using the same information as before.

When I cancel the failing popup and check the Gluon preferences General tab, I can select "check credentials" which says "Invalid credentials". But the credentials are definitely correct (as mentioned, it worked during the first step and they also work when logging into the browser dashboard).

The last few lines of the gluon.debug.log are attached.

I've tried to delete or create a connection profile and also played around with the user profile, but nothing changed the invalid credentials message. I've then compared settings to one of the working setups on another machine and couldn't find any differences. Next, I tried the whole procedure using a different account on the same machine and everything worked. We then repeated all of the steps to confirm that it's not only fluke.

Finally, I deleted the account that was causing problems and we created a brand new one with a new mail address, but now we have the same issue with this new account. Kind of looks as if we cannot add new accounts, but old ones still work.

Any ideas how to debug this?


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Hi Carlos,

thanks for your response. I've invited your user to our organization Nementic. My team is on the paid Cloud plan. Should I send an email about this issue or where do we best continue our conversation?

For the time being, we're using one of our working user accounts on two machines, but of course this is not ideal as the account name should reflect who the developer behind a commit is.

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