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[WINDOWS] [GITSERVER] Can't start plasticd.exe service after creating gitserver.conf


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Not sure if I am missing something, but I wanted to give a try to gitsync with the free license. I followed the directions creating the gitserver.conf and if the file is present, the service won't start. I checked the logs and there is not error or reference why is being automatically stopped. 

I tried with just an empty gitserver.conf and with the default gitserver.conf provided on the web.

Thanks in advance for the help

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Hi Carlos,

Reading other answers I think the problem is Free Cloud version doesn't support GitServer?. I don't have the logs and I reinstalled it just in case, finally I managed to use GitSync to tests a few cases.

On the logs there was nothing relevant, one line said git server was initialized, then everything stopped after a few lines like this this below.

'DEBUG ActivityScheduler - Run [Reload config files] 0 ms. (Runs every 2 sec)'


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