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Auto sync of 2 Servers in different locations

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We have 2 Plastic Enterprise servers in Bangalore and London. Both servers act as Master.

Currently using triggers to replicate the Repositories between 2 servers. Issue here is the replication starts only on trigger.

Is there any better way to auto sync all the repositories between 2 servers at server level instead of repository level?

Will deploying Cloud extension on these servers help to achieve auto syncing of all Repos on  daily basis? 



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Dear Carlos,

Thanks for the synctrigger tool.

Tried the tool  on the test setup with 2 windows servers. Changed the Plastic Server service account to run as Administrator user to make it work.

During network outage if there are checkins to the same Repository on both servers , the changeset number is same on both servers. But the Changeset content is different. When the network resumes, the sync stops with error and requires user intervention to sort out the sync issues. Is it possible to avoid user intervention by deploying cloud extension.

 Another issue is the tool is installed on both Plastic servers. The after-replicationwrite trigger goes on endless loop. Attached is the log file.

Should we remove after-replicationwrite trigger in one of the server? 

Warnemails does not work does not work. I think we can correct this issue ourselves.





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