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[Announcement] Plastic SCM Plugin for Unity (beta) on the Asset Store


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Hi everyone!

We're excited to announce that we are actively working on the new Plastic SCM Plugin for Unity (beta), which is now available on the asset store. This plugin allows you to invoke Plastic SCM commands from inside Unity with a workflow tailored to Plastic SCM users.

The current version available of the asset store (version 1.1) allows user to:

  • Checkin or undo pending changes.
  • Be notified of incoming changes and update your workspace.
  • Set up the plugin to work with the workflow that fits your needs (Gluon or Developer Mode). You can also invoke some of the Plastic windows from the editor, such as the branch explorer.

We are currently working on implementing history features (changesets view and file history view) and will release a new version in the upcoming weeks.

Feel free to provide feedback on the plugin in the comments! We are actively working on adding more features and improvements and we really value your feedback as we work on providing a deeper integration of Plastic SCM in Unity! :)





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It was working very well until I started running into a few inconsistencies like overlapping buttons in the Branch Explorer, Workspace Explorer, and unable to scroll up and down the right tab where attributes are added when there are a lot of options on the list for the window to display.


I'm using Unity version 2019.4.9f1 for MacOS Mojave 10.14.5. Installed Plastic SCM version is I can't see the version of the plugin


However, the biggest problem is that I started experiencing hard to troubleshoot errors going into Play Mode on certain projects right after importing the Plastic plugin and setting Plastic as the Version Control that causes Unity to throw errors at compile saying in the Editor.log that it found 0 plugins for PlasticSCMPlugin. I will assume I will be asked to upgrade to the latest 2019 LTS version right?


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