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2 licenses for one user


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when I run cm li I have two active licenses for the same username. I only use ldap authentication. Last week I have only one active license for the same user.  I didn't active another licence for him.

Since the problem apears, the user is like a new user with the same name in the plastic scm client when make any action. 

Today I try to deactivate with cm du "user". This command deactivate one user but not the good one. My user cannot connect to Plastic client. 

I try cm du "user" --nosolveuser. That don't resolv my problem. 

Please  help me. Thank you. 




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- Have you imported a repo from git (or other source control)? It could explain the scenario where a different user (with your same user name) has an active license in your server. Also please that there are not two SIDs in your LDAP that resolve to the same user name.

- First of all, please reactivate your user so you are up and running again. Once your user is activated again, I would try again with the " --nosolveuser" flag. It should work if the user is not existing in your LDAP.

- If the "--noslveuser" doesn't work, I will cehck if there are two users in your LDAP resolving to the same user name.

- If you have a commertial license, you can reach us at support@codicesoftware.com and we can arrange a meeting with you to debug it.



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I don't import anything from git or other source control. How can I see the SIDs attached for the two user ? 

I activate my user with cm au user. and I use --nosolveuser but it doesn't work. They are only one user in my ldap.

I have a commercial license. I'll contact the support. 

Thank You

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