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How to connect to plastic cloud from Linux CLI?


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Hello, I have a linux (Centos7) jenkins server that Im setting up to check out one of my Plastic Cloud repositories.

When I attempt to create a workspace on the commandline I get the following error:

Error: Plastic SCM client is not correctly configured for the current user: Client config file /var/lib/jenkins/.plastic4/client.conf not found. Please execute 'clconfigureclient' to perform a text mode configuration or 'gtkplastic --configure' for graphical mode.

And when I run clconfigureclient it prompts me for Plastic SCM server address [localhost]: and I dont know what to put here to connect to my cloud.

I cannot figure out what to input there to configure a connect to my Plastic SCM cloud organization. "OrgName@cloud" does not work... its possible that this is firewall related, but I'm having a hard time diagnosing connection issues without knowing the intended endpoint+port number for doing a plastic cloud checkout.

What is the expected hostname/ip and port number for plastic cloud instances?
What should I input when running clconfigureclient to configure a connection to a plastic cloud instance?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Please configure credentials in the Plastic client installed in the Jenkins machine for any local user and then copy the "/home/youruser/.plastic4/client.conf"  file to the "/opt/plasticscm5/client" folder.

This way, every user in the machine (including the user who runs the Jenkins service) will have the Plastic client proiperly configured.

If you are using a Plastic cloud organization, you need to enter "organization@cloud" and then enter your user and password. The credentials are stored in the "client.conf" file.



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