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Sync with Github pre-receive hook declined


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I'm trying to sync an existing Plastic repository with Github using the Git sync an I'm always getting an error :


All sent references (branches or tags) were rejected by the server, so nothing was pushed. Check the configuration of your git server provider for more info. Failed to push:

- refs/heads/master -> pre-receive hook declined

... (same error above repeated for all of my branches)

This happens after it goes through the steps of exporting, packaging, sending.

  • I'm trying to push to a private Github repository, brand new just created with no commits at all.
  • I have my Github user set to an admin (owner of the repository).
  • I have my gitsync.conf file in my user/Appdata/local/plastic4 directory as described in the documentation. There's no gitsync.conf in the Plastic client directory.
  • The repository is pretty small (478 changesets, almost all code and no large binary files), and even branches with almost nothing in them are being rejected.

My gitsync.conf reads:


eric = eric@xxxxxxx.com

(With the xxx.com part as my real email address used on Github.)

Has anyone come across errors like this? Is there anywhere Plastic saves additional log info when it does the sync? It sounds like the "pre-receive hook declined" error is from Github, not Plastic, but it's not terribly helpful since it doesn't say what the error is. Maybe there's some built-in pre-receive hooks across all of Github that are rejecting me?

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This error means that the GitHub server is rejecting the sync. The most common scenario for this to happen is you have some big files exceecing the GitHub size limit.

Could you you try syncing against BitBucket or any other cloud provider for git repos?



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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the quick reply. It does work with Bitbucket, whoop! Ideally I'd like to get it working with Github but that may be too much work for what I need (mostly as an additional backup location).

I did

cm find revs where "size > 104857600" --format={item}:{size} on repository '<repository name>'

And found exactly one file over 100mb. Of course! It was actually included by mistake and it's quite a few revisions back in the history. I know this would be a rewriting of history, but is there any way to delete that file now? The file was added in changeset 296 and deleted in 298 (nothing changed with it in 297) and now I'm on 498 so it's a little way back.

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