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Changes done to Issue Trackers preferences are not getting saved

Shruti S G

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I was trying to integrate Plastic SCM with JIRA. Everything is working well but I am unable to change the field "Resolved Issue States" under Preferences -> Issue Tracker. 

By default "Resolved Issue States" is set to the values "Done,Rejected,Completed". But I need to add few more values there. Even if I add comma separated values its not saving after clicking Apply and Save. I tried to change jira.conf file in issuetrackers to include required values. But it is not reflecting in Plastic GUI. Please help.

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Hi Shruti,

I already answered in the support thread :)


So you enter new values in the "Resolved issue states" textbox and when you save the changes, they are not actually saved the next time you open the panel?

I don't recommend to manually edit the configuration files, but change it always via the Plastic client GUI. Let's do the following:

1. Remove/Backup the "C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\plastic4\issuetrackers" folder.
2. Reopen the Plastic GUI and configure all the issue tracker values from scratch.
3. Reopen the Plastic GUI issue tracker preferences and confirm that all the values you entered are actually saved when you reopen the panel.



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