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Error on syncrhonising to git, reports an issue seemingly from a different repo


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We're attempting to synchronise one of our repositories with git (in this case, an empty repo in gitlab).  We've already successfully done another, and I've previously synced other plastic repos with git too, we're just having issues with this one.

When starting the sync, we see this error:


The sync cannot start because the target repository was replicated from a repository synchronized with git.  The repository originally synchronized is 'MergeBot@our-old-server:8087' - https://github.com/PlasticSCM/trunk-mergebot'.

We did indeed originally synchronise a MergeBot repo from the github source, but it's not this repo (and not even this server - we migrated from one plastic server to another a while back).  I've seen a similar issue before that essentially said to go to %appdata%/Local/plastic4/sync/git and remove the content there, but I've tried that and still see the same issue.  My plastic client was also a bit out of date, but I've just updated to with no luck.

Any thoughts on what to try next?



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