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Is there a Plastic SCM plugin available for GoCD? There is some old information below, but the GoCD web site does not seem to list a Plastic SCM plugin (https://www.gocd.org/plugins/#scm). Googling did not help either, but I just wanted to check.


GoCD plugin: A new Plastic SCM plugin is available for GoCD. It allows Plastic SCM to be set up as a pipeline material.


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This is now resolved for me. I add my notes below.

The GoCD plugin jar is available in Plastic SCM plugins directory. I did not know about the existance of this folder, just saw it in another thread in the forum. 

C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\client\plugins\gocd

GoCD works correctly with this jar file. One catch; the client.conf needs to be copied to the Plastic SCM program files directory. I found this solution in the forum as well by searching the specific error message.


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