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TeamCity plugin fails connection test


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I have a mac-mini with the TeamCity installed (server + one build agent).

I have installed Plastic SCM client and configured with my credentials to access our Cloud repository.

Command line `cm` tool works as expected.

When I try to add New VCS Root to the TC project and to Test connection I receive a timeout error.

Looks like Plastic SCM plug-in hangs trying to do something. I provide a TC thread dump below (nothing interesting in another logs).



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Hi Anton,

Could you manually copy the "client.conf" from "/Users/xxx/.plastic4/client.conf" to "/Applications/PlasticSCM.app/Contents/MonoBundle". This way, all the machine users will be configured to use the Plastic client (including the user who runs the TeamCity service). At the end of the day, the plugin internally runs "cm" commands.



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