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Configure Gluon workspace to include all files by default?


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Artists, designers and external contractors in my team have a recurring issue when setting up Gluon: After creating the workspace for the first time, they have to select all folders and files for automatic download:



With all our past projects, we always wanted to sync everything (since we are working in Unity).

This small setup steps keeps causing confusion and Gluon users repeatedly forget this step and think their workspace is broken and need support to get this right.

Would it make sense to make it a default setting to include all folders and files? Or make this configurable at a cloud repository level? I was looking at global configuration files, but it looks like this client setting cannot be shared.

Are there other recommendations to handle this setup step? Is it feasible to write a commandline script that artists can run that sets up their workspace and also configures it to automatically load everything?


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By default, the workspace is empty so the user can decide the specific files they need to download. I'm afraid it can be configured via plastic global configuration.

The workspace configuration could be somehow predefined via client CLI, not sure if it helps (because at the end of the day this is a client command and every user will need to run it after creating thew workspace):


    cm partial configure +/soft -/soft/soft-black.png
    (Loads all 'soft' directory children items except 'soft-black.png'.)

    cm partial configure -/
    (Unloads the whole workspace.)

    cm partial configure -/ +/
    (Loads the whole workspace.)

    cm partial configure -/figure-64.png --ignorefailed
    (Unloads 'figure-64.png' item even if it was already unloaded.)

    cm partial configure +/ --restorefulldirs
    (Sets all directories to automatically download the new content.)

    cm partial configure +/src/lib --restorefulldirs
    (Sets only '/src/lib' and its subdirectories to automatically download the
    new content.)




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