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How to Change User Proffiler of the SCM CloudEdition

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hello, how can I modify the user and login of my Cloud Edition client on the Mac? I'm new to the Mac.

In the app's preferences, he toldme:  The user profile can only be configured using LDAP or User/Password authentication. 
I don't know what this means. But I understand the reason for not having a simple option for this

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6 hours ago, calbzam said:


In the Preferences --> General, you should be able to enter your credentials.

The "User profile" tab is not relevant if you are using Plastic Cloud edtion.



No option to modify the user is displayed to me. just a label informing who is connected.

Captura de Tela 2021-03-16 às 18.34.20.png

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Thank you for raising this. I believe this should be made easier with a "Use another account" button (or similar) directly in the General Preferences pane. I will make this suggestion to the team.

To change your logged in user when you have used Unity ID login, you will need to close the Plastic SCM client and run macplastic --configure in a terminal window. This should present you with the following window...image.png
(Note: The command on Windows is plastic --configure and Linux is gtkplastic --configure)

Hope this helps!

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What's even more frustrating is that when I first logged in after installing, it opens up browser and automatically signs you in to a Unity account. As I have two different Unity accounts, it didn't use the one I was already logged into but logged me in automatically with the one not attached to my PlasticSCM account. As it does this automatically I also had to change my default browser to prompt a login to use the correct Unity login details.

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Hi Aaron,

Sorry to hear of your frustrating experience.

When you click on the Unity ID authentication button, your default browser should have opened. If you are logged into a Unity ID account within that browser session, you will not be asked to enter any credentials and you will be automatically logged into that account.

To make sure it uses the correct Unity ID account, please navigate to id.unity.com in your default browser and sign into your correct account. Once done, you can run plastic --configure from a terminal window and you can reauthenticate your Plastic SCM client.

Hope that helps!

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