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Plastic Cloud + Client and Ubuntu CLI installation

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I need to run plastic only on CLI and Ubuntu.

If I setup only the client-core I have to configure the client to cloud but there is no proper documentation how to do this. There is this THREAD that says that you can input  "organization@cloud" and user name + password but that does not work in my case. Am I doing something wrong?

If I use the normal installation I get: 


sudo apt-get install plasticscm-cloud
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
or been moved out of Incoming.
The following information may help to resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 plasticscm-cloud : Depends: plasticscm-client-complete (= but it is not going to be installed


It seems to be caused by some dependency to the UI in the pasticscm-client-complete? How do I connect the core client to the cloud?
Or is something else in the installation wrong?



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On 3/22/2021 at 6:59 AM, calbzam said:


So the problem is you cannot install the "plasticscm-cloud" package on Ubuntu 20.10, right?

Could you check if this link helps? 




Actually the larger problem is how do you connect to a cloud org using plasticscm-client-core


In a headless Ubuntu environment there seems to be no documentation on how to achieve connection to a cloud org? Trying to run clconfigureclient it asks for the server address/port. I haven't been able to find any values to put in there that works? Could we just get clarification:

  1. Can the Plastic CLI connect to and interact with a cloud org/repos?
  2. If so, how do you setup Plastic CLI in a headless environment to do this
  3. If not, how do you setup a Plastic client in a headless environment?


Appreciate your time!

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This is what currently happens when I try that route:

Install plasticscm-client-core and then run clconfigureclient:

Configure the Plastic SCM server address/port:
Plastic SCM server address [localhost]: <orgname>@cloud

There was an error while checking the Plastic SCM server security mode.
Maybe the server is offline, or the address specified is wrong.
Do you want to re-enter the Plastic SCM server address? [Y/n]:


Select the users authentication mode. These are the available modes:
1. NameWorkingMode (Name)
2. NameIDWorkingMode (Name + ID)
3. LDAPWorkingMode (LDAP)
4. ADWorkingMode (Active Directory)
5. UPWorkingMode (User and password)
Choose a mode (type a number): 5


Configure your credentials:
Username: <email>
Password: *************


Configure a proxy server? [y/N]: n


The Plastic SCM client has been correctly configured.

Note for <orgname> I put the orgname given in our cloud dashboard. <email> I use my login email for PlasticSCM (same as Plastic GUI client on another machine).


I then try to list the repos, it asks to sign into org but never works, just keeps asking over and over:

> $ cm repository
Select the system you want to use to sign in to the organization: <orgname>@cloud
0 - email
1 - unityid
Select your system [0-1] 0
Enter credentials to connect to server [<orgname>@cloud]
User: <email>
Password: **************
Select the system you want to use to sign in to the organization: synthesis_ai@cloud
0 - email
1 - unityid
Select your system [0-1]

I've tried several times, copy and pasted, verified I'm using the same email+pass I use to login to the PlasticSCM GUI client and website. Never works.


Any assist here would be greatly appreciated!

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Are you getting the same result as my output? You should be asked to etener your cloud credentials when you use "clconfigureclient":

tester@ubuntu:/tmp$ clconfigureclient
####--- Client configuration wizard ---####
Configuring language. These are the available languages: 
1. English
2. Spanish
Choose a language (type a number): 1


Configure the Plastic SCM server address/port:
Plastic SCM server address [localhost]: PlasticSCMSupport@cloud

Detected working mode: LDAP


Configuring LDAP connection...
LDAP user: 



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It appears there's a bug in the current plasticscm-client-core package (for Ubuntu at least). When supplying a cloud org it does not autodetect LDAP and ask for the login. I believe this isn't an issue in the full client package but we would prefer to use the core CLI due additional GUI/GTK dependencies we're trying to avoid in our use case.

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I'm getting nowhere with this.

I am trying to install this on Ubuntu 20.04, headless. I just need the CLI to work. I got around this GTK or whatever thing, adding the other old repos. But now the problem is that we are on this "cloud" Plastic. clconfigureclient doesn't work any more so I am using cm configure. But it doesn't work no matter what I do. I tried putting <my org>@cloud in for the Plastic SCM server address but ...

OK UPDATE, as I was writing this I tried again and now it detected LDAP. It didn't before, it had an error. But now I put my email/pw in and it says it configured the client OK. But when I run cm repo it now says "Error: Connection refused [::ffff:]:8087" so it is still trying to connect to some local server. I don't know what I am doing wrong now?!?

Also, I tried "cm repo list <my org>@cloud" and it asks for unityid/email. I put it in but it just loops back to asking again.


OK so I tried renaming ~/.plastic4/client.conf but then it said it needed it. So I am running cm configure again, but it complains about an error checking the security mode. Well, I forgot to run it as sudo, now with sudo it seems to go straight to the LDAP thing. OK, a little weird why it needs sudo for that, but OK. Anyway it said it had been correctly configured but then it didn't even bother writing out a client.conf file so it really isn't.


Update again: OK so it seems that it only creates the client.conf if I use cm configure without sudo, but that breaks the LDAP thing. Anyway if you say don't change it, it proceeds and you can enter the LDAP stuff. I feel like I did all this before, but now it seems to work in cm repo list?!?! So I guess yay, except this was all as clear as mud...

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