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Authentication Problem with Unity Cloud Build


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I am trying to use Unity Cloud Build with Plastic SCM (cloud hosted repository).

How do I know which Encryption type I am using? I never got asked which type (AES-128, AES-192 or AES-256) I wanted to use for the encryption, but I did encrypt the server.

Also, this next question should probably be directed towards the Unity Support, but I'll give it a shot here nonetheless.

What should I enter in the host URL section when setting up Unity Cloud build. I have tried 'ourhostname@cloud' and 'repositoryname@ourhostname@cloud' where of course 'ourhostname' corresponds to my company name and 'repositoryname' corresponds to my projects' / repository name. However, in both cases (even when trying different capitalization) I get the following error (see attachment).

Does anyone have experience with this? After looking a bit online, I assum the support for Plastic is very recent in Unity Cloud Build.


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Hi Gabzzel,

Thanks for reaching out.

  • The Repo URL field should be in the format "CloudOrgName@cloud". Once you get past this step and you set up Build Targets in Cloud Build you will select which repository and branch that you will build from.
  • The Username field should be the email address associated with your Plastic SCM account.
  • The Password field should be your password associated with your Plastic SCM account.
  • The Authentication Type should be set to LDAP.
  • The Encryption Method should be set to AES128.

I hope this helps!

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