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Clearing a 'pending merge link' that is preventing check-in

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We have run into a strange issue - my programmer tried to merge from a higher branch into his branch to get the latest changes, and it appears that he got all the files in his workspace; however, when he's trying to do his latest check-in, he gets an error about a 'pending merge link' and a short dashed line in the Branch Explorer connecting, showing the previous merge. We don't see how to resolve this issue. Can someone give any guidance about 'pending merge links' and how to clear or resolve them? Thanks!


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Not using Xlinks. We resolved it by doing the check-in via console. My programmer researched it and apparently it was caused by a 'merge deadlock' that's been an issue for almost 4 years. It appears to be a UI bug, not explicitly an engine bug. Thanks for the quick reply!

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