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Cloud service down?


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Hi there. I've opened Plastic SCM UI and it's stuck with a blank Workspace Explorer. The Gluon UI is constantly spinning "Loading", and the command line is stuck processing "cm status" in a workspace folder.

I couldn't get on your Web site just now although that seems to be working again after a brief 503 error appeared.

I take it this is an unexpected downtime, but any idea how long it will be, or if it can be handled better? Everything just looks like it's hanging right now. I can't even switch back to the main UI. Visual Studio won't even open presumably because the plugin is hanging.

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Just now, calbzam said:

The www.plasticscm.com web was down for a few minutes.

Is that connected to the cloud service? Because that was down for about 30 minutes.

I get that these things can happen but I was just hoping that if it happens again it could be handled better by the clients. They need to time-out far quicker and return control to the user. I hoped it would only be for a short time so didn't do anything on my machine, but I think I might have had to uninstall Plastic to get Visual Studio to be usable.

Previously too you've directed people to the Azure status page to see if the Cloud version is down, but Azure's status pages had green ticks everywhere. Could you maybe have your own status service too?

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I agree. It's been a very reliable service. But I reported everything we experienced today so that you can make it even better. If it can't authenticate perhaps it should time-out more quickly and report it to the user. I had rebooted my PC initially thinking it was me.

Thanks for the status link.

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