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[BUG]: cm fast-export output is wrong when empty folders were moved


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In case of an empty folder was moved or renamed `cm fast-export` generates incorrect file.

Further use of `git fast-import` produces an error: 

fatal: Path XXX not in branch

Simple repro:

1. Create empty folder

2. Move empty folder to a subfolder

Then use cm fast-export, then git fast-import to observe the error.


My real case was:

1. All files were deleted from a folder

2. And the empty folder was renamed


P.S. I see this as a bug because cm fast-export output is not symmetrical. It contains no file modification commands for when empty directory was created in Plastic but contains file rename commands for when empty directories where renamed.

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Hi @Anton,

I'm afraid I cannot reproduce the issue following your steps with the last Plastic version.

Could you attach the fast-export package (or send us via private message) of the issued repo so we can try to reproduce the issue?



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