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How do I update the client to new version?


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Lat time I opened the client, an owl popup showed up telling me that there is a new version of the client. I didn't want to install it at that time, but now I do. However, the popup doesn't appear anymore and I can't find an Update option anywhere within the client. Most applications have that option in About popup, but here I only found a link to a some song on Spotify instead. I looked in Preferences, but couldn't find it there neither. I tried spamming Information button in every possible view, but Update popup never appeared. I tried right-clicking virtually every piece of client's UI with hope to find some context menu, but didn't find any. How do I do it?

I've been using Plastic for almost 2 years now, but every time I have to do something I havent done before, it takes hours and tons of frustration to figure it out. Seriously, I think you should reconsider some of your UX decisions

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