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Plastic SCM for Unity (Beta) v.1.4.1 is out now!


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Plastic SCM for Unity (Beta) v.1.4.1 is out now on the Asset Store for the current Tech Stream, 2019.4LTS and 2020.3 LTS!

Here are the key features you will find in this new release.

Improved onboarding
You will now be prompted to walk through a very simple onboarding process when creating a repository for your Unity project. This onboarding process will help you get Plastic SCM installed, set up your account and configure your repository for your Unity project. When you finish the onboarding process, you will be ready to sync your project using a Plastic SCM Cloud Edition repository. An automatic first checkin will be made for you to set up the project and add a standard ignore file for Unity projects.


View your file history and revert files
The history view gives you the ability to restore an older version of a file, and provides relevant information about any changes made.


Contextual menus in the project view
The plugin now gives you access to quick actions through contextual menus in the project view. If you prefer a centralized view of everything, you can use the dedicated Plastic SCM window.


Plastic SCM for Unity now supports Unity SSO!
Sign in using your Unity credentials!

Here are other improvements included in the release:

  • Plastic SCM for Unity is now compatible with the Visual Scripting package.
  • We added icons in the project view.
  • We added information and actions in the inspectors.

We are actively developing the future of Plastic SCM for Unity and want to hear from you! Feel free to share your feedback with us in this thread!

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No, actually it does not work with Unity 2019LTS

Creating a new Unity project using default 3D setup, it will include a Version Control package with Plastic in it (by default). So if we import the Asset Store Plastic package as you show in the link, we will end up with 80 warnings and errors in console.

Ps: as feedback, is very challenging for a new user to set it up.

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