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Plastic Client not working (correctly) in a docker (windows) container

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I have the client installed in a docker for windows container. Everything seems to work except that the result of cm update is a workspace with ONLY directories and zero files.  

The same MSI ( on a VM hosting the container works correctly. This also happens within the container if the workspace is located on a mounted volume (i.e. NOT "in" the container).

Is there something "extra special" that I am missing to run cm.exe inside a docker container (Windows)?



Windows Server 2019 Datacenter


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OK, I am fairly certain it is because of the Encryption key missing.  (When I ran the UI the dialog box popped up on a VM that was "fresh".)

How do I set the Encryption key for the command line tools? (without a UI!)

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You can create a cryptedservers.conf and the correspondent .key file with the password and place it under the local config folder (~/.plastic4). That way, Plastic will try to use it there. 

Another option is to simply copy them from another machine.




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