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Check out vs Lock and check out


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Hello! I was hoping someone could help clarify this for me.

What exactly is the difference between clicking "Check out" and "Lock and check out"?

Looking through the Gluon documentation it says that "By selecting the Checkout option, the files you selected will lock and nobody will be able to edit them until you check them back in." If that's the case then the files you check out are locked anyway.

It sounds like the only difference between the two is whether the lock takes place, before or after checking out the files. If so, what are the benefits of doing it one way over the other?



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"Checkout" and "Lock and check out" will be the same as soon as the path matches the previously configured lock rules.

If a path is not matching the pre-confiogured lock rules, the "Checkout" is a local operation that doesn't involve a lock.

The "Lock and check out" operation adds a path to the lock rules (if it's not still there) so the item is locked.



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