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Jira integration woes: Custom fields deprecated, reference to issue not stored in Plastic


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Hello, I am trying to set up integration between Plastic and Jira (cloud version for both). I've managed to get Plastic to read open issues from Jira and posting the checkin details to the issue as a comment, but the issue is not stored in the Plastic changeset.

A series of screenshots that'll hopefully clarify what I'm trying to do, and what works and what worksn't:

Step 1: Make checkin, find Jira issue by ID.


Step 2: Check out the issue on Jira, looks good, the checkin details appear as a comment. (The Plastic SCM field is leftovers from previous attempt w/ custom fields, not used or configured.)


Step 3: Take a look at the CS in Branch Explorer. The issue is gone! Why is the issue gone?


Sanity check, pt. 1: I can try to add the issue again to the CS after having done the checkin, and Plastic finds the issue from this UI, too...


Sanity check, pt. 2: ...and it even looks like the issue is added to the CS, but...


...after adding the issue to the CS, if I select another CS and then take a look at this CS again, the issue is gone from Plastic. In other words, it looks like in the screenshot for step 3.


Any ideas why this doesn't work? Granted, this is better than nothing, but I would like to see the associated issues stored on the CS itself.

I'm binding issues to Plastic changesets, not branches, due to the project involving a lot of non-mergeable assets. Previously, I used to have the Custom Field setup thingy, but, as of May 7th, it looks like that API is deprecated even from non-next-gen projects: https://community.developer.atlassian.com/t/deprecation-notice-deprecation-of-custom-field-options-apis-new-apis-published/43608 .

Eventually, I would like to be able to set up status transitions, too, but before doing that I'd like to have the link between a Plastic CS and a Jira issue stored persistently.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

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Hi Jukkae,

Thanks for reaching out. I hope you have a steady power source for that flux capacitor!

We have recently discovered an issue with Jira integrations with Plastic Cloud (when using "linked to Changesets" mode), but it is not the same behaviour that you describe here.

So that I can reproduce and debug the issue you are seeing, please can you let me know the version of Plastic SCM that you are using?



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Hi, more details: turns out that the issue number is stored in Attributes of the CS, so actually it looks like it's just the Jira extension that's broken. I think this might be usable enough for us for the time being, though getting a link to the issue on Jira would be preferable.


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