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TeamCity Plastic Branch Filtering by multiple attributes


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I've integrated TeamCity with PlasticSCM, and everything works just fine,

Here is few details about my environment:

I do Branch per Task
I use same branch for both platforms Android and iOS
I have two TeamCity -> Build Configuration , one for Android and one for iOS

Some branch affects only one of the platforms and I want the build to start on the relevant platform, what I am thinking of is adding another attribute for platform, so it will be:


in that case I want TeamCity to start building the iOS version only, I think the best way is if I can add two attributes to the "Enable plastic branch filtering" option, but I could not find a way to do that


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Hi @Khaled,

Unfortunately, I don't think you can add two statuses to the Enable plastic branch filtering field, but you can use a cm find branch query as a filter. For example you enter the below into the field...

where attribute='status' and attrvalue='resolved' and attribute='platform' and attrvalue='ios'

Alternatively, if you have a naming convention on your branches you could do something like this...

where attribute='stage' and attrvalue='done' and name like 'ios-%'

For more information on the cm find query, please see here.


Hope this helps!

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