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Azure DevOps Server Integration


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Hello All,

We are currently evaluating Plastic for a more artist/unity friendly workflow as an alternative to GIT. We are a totally on premises group and use ADOS Server 2019 for running the scrum workflow, work item tracking, build and release pipelines, and source control with GIT. 

I did spend some time looking for info regarding Plastic and ADOS with nearly 0 hits.

Is there an existing integration between ADOS and Plastic that would allow:

1. Pull request or Code review and work item integration.

2. Build pipeline integration.


If not, would it require utilizing plugin interfaces and rest api to essentially roll our own integration?

The alternative is to use the Jira ecosystem, which is not impossible but we have the ADOS up and running essentially for 'free' to our group where standing up an new infrastructure would likely place the maintenance burden on my group.

Thanks for any info,




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