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How to add Plastic SCM to a unity project


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We have a team of 20 that has now migrated from collab to using Plastic SCM in unity. It's a huge upgrade once it's installed. However, each new hire has to go through the process of installing the windows client and downloading the asset from the asset store. Is there a way to speed up the process by including the Plastic SCM in the project? That way once a new hire installs the windows client, pulls the repo, adds it to unity hub and opens it, the plastic scm project is already there and setup correctly?


Thank you.



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Hi Larry,


At the moment the Unity plugin is in beta, that's why it’s being offered through the asset store, there is a past version of PlasticSCM plugin included in all Unity installations in the Package Manager as Version Control 1.5.7.

In the future, once the plugin is out of beta, is expected to be included with all Unity installations by default.

So, I am afraid that for now there is no other faster way of including PlasticSCM plugin to Unity besides downloading from asset store.

If you have any more questions or concerns please let me know.




Unity/Plastic Support Team

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