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Perforce sync failed

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An error occurs during synchronization. Initially, the file with the cyrillic was not found (it was a first submit). I called p4 obliterate and started syncing again. The error remained the same but with a new file that was in the second commit. I am assuming it does not find all files.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>cm synchronize br:/main@SeverskMuseum@SERVER@cloud p4 perforce:1666 //SeverskMuseum --user=USER --pwd=PASSWORD
Latest cset on foreign SCM: 546

- 77 changesets to pull
- 0 changesets to push

Counting changesets to pull...
Error: File 'C:\Users\micron\AppData\Local\Temp\P4\Config\DefaultEditor.ini' not found.

Thank you.

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Hello Holden,

1) We have recently released a new "p4sync multibranch" command that is also compatible with migrating one single branch and includes the last fixes. Could you try this command instead?

cm sync PlasticRepo p4multibranch P4SERVER:1666 --mainbranch=//Engine/main --branchesfolder=//Engine--user=carlos --pwd=MyPass -caseinsensitive --continueonp4error --tmpwkpath=c:\p4wks

2) Could you enable the "cm" log so we debug the issue if it happens again?




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The server 'unitsys@cloud' requires encryption, but your server is not configured with the encryption key. To configure your local server make sure you become the admin of the server (owner), try again and you will be asked to enter encryption key. Otherwise, ask your sysadmin or search 'Encrypt all data' in the online docu.

I got this error, but I couldn't find the encryption key. When creating the repository, I put the encryption checkbox, but I didn't do anything else.
My command: 

cm sync SeverskMuseum@<REP>@cloud p4multibranch perforce:1666 --mainbranch=//SeverskMuseum --branchesfolder=//SeverskMuseum --user=<USER> --pwd=<PWD> --tmpwkpath = c:\p4wks

p.s this repo have only main branch

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In order to set the encryption key, could you open the Plastic GUI --> "Sync with Cloud" view and try to replicate a branch from the cloud server to a local repo? It should ask you to enter the encryption key and it will be used later for any other operation like the "cm sync".



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