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Incorrect license state in Web Admin Interface

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The license state shown in the Web Admin Interface does not match the actual state of the server.

In July, our server lost the license (despite being configured to auto-renew) due to connection problems on your side (see resolved ticket 26972). I did not mention this then, but the whole time the web interface claimed the license was still valid, even when the server said it was not.

As a quick-fix back then, I downloaded the license file manually and installed it on the server. The auto-renewal license token was/is still active at the same time.

On July 28th, the manual license file expired. However, the server is still working correctly, recognizing our license subscription, as it apparently uses the auto-renewal token instead, so there was/is no problem in the workflow.

HOWEVER, now the web interface shows the reverse situation: it claims the license has expired (which is true for the manual license file, but not for the auto-renewal/subscription), but the server is working correctly.

It seems the evaluation order of license file vs. token file is inconsistent between server and web interface.

EDIT: I should probably mention that we're currently on a rather old server version, .NET Core on Debian, but we're planning to upgrade to the current version tomorrow.



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The token always prevail over the license file. Could you run the "cm licenseinfo" command. it should always provide the right license information.

Normally you should enable the token or deploy the license file but not both at the same time.



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Hi Carlos!

Thanks for your reply!
That's what I thought, and as I said, the server is running smoothly.

This post was just to notify you that the state displayed in the WebAdmin is incorrect. In fact, when we had the original problem in July, the first thing I checked was the WebAdmin, and it claimed everything was in order and we had a valid license - this was really confusing!

(I'm not entirely sure whether there was both an (old+inactive) plasticd.lic file and a current plasticd.token.lic file in /opt/plasticscm5/server when we had that problem).

I now removed the expired+obsolete /opt/plasticscm5/server/plasticd.lic and restarted the server, and now the WebAdmin display matches the server info again, and the displayed expiration date has correctly been updated to 28-Aug-2021.

You still might want to fix the WebAdmin display to reflect the actual server state, though - otherwise it is little helpful when trying to check for errors.


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Come to think of it, I seem to remember that for ticket 26972, the WebAdmin in fact claimed everything was in order while the server had in fact NO valid license.

It's as if it displayed independent info (such as, the presence of the *.lic files or simliar) and then evaluated that incorrectly, as opposed to actually communicating with the running server and checking its ACTUAL license state (which at that point had revoked the subscription license).

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54 minutes ago, calbzam said:

So it seems the WebAdmin is showing the information from the "plasticd.lic" even if you also have enabled a token, right?

Correct. But it also seems like it does not communicate wth the server about the actual/current license state of the server: As I said, in 26972 it claimed everything was OK, when in fact the server had already revoked the current license (from the token - no plasticd.lic file present at that point!).

So it is not possible to discern the current state of the server using the WebAdmin - which makes it rather useless for this task it is designed to do. :-/

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