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How to make two branches identical?

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Sorry about a newbie question. I want to create a changeset on branch /main/irina that's identical to the latest changeset on /main. So that there are no differences between the latest changesets on two branches, and /main remains unchanged. How do I do that? I've tried merge, but that's not what I want.



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I don't need to duplicate the history. The history can differ. I want to duplicate the current workspace. Say, the latest 20 changesets in branch A are no good, but branch B is perfect, so I want to ignore those 20 and make the workspaces at branch A and branch B look identical. I don't want to rewrite history.

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If you want to remove some changets in branch A because they are not good, you can delete the chanegsets or use the subtractive merge operation to remove them:


Then you can merge the changes from branch B to branch A (if you want these changes to be also in branch A).



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