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Where is the Merge Option Button?


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I did a subtractive merge and want to bring in some of the changes from that branch. But when I try cherry picking, all I get is the merge contains source changes message, and a button at the bottom that says Switch Workspace. I don't see the magic 'Merge Option' button talked about in the guides and videos. 

Thank you!

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In the following blog post, we explain how deintegrate a merge and also how to merge back from a branch that has been subtracted.


Thew key thing is: 


  • Cherry-pick (ignoring traceability) the subtracted changeset (purple merge link).

I think it's what you need, right?



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Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the response. Yes, that is what I need. However,  I've seen this blog entry and a few others including this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSimQsvjmA0 

Question is how do I cherry pick "ignoring traceability". From the video and other blogs, there is supposed to be a Merge Options button that shows up when I try to merge. But for me, it doesn't. All I see is the message that the merge contains the source changes and a Switch Workspace button. So, I want to know how to access the Merge Options button. Is there something I need to set in preferences for it to show up?




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