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GitSync cannot push to GitHub (authentication); also request clarification of some info from docs

Scott Courtney

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Good day

I have a GitHub repo that is a fork of an existing public repo, so I can contribute to an open source project.

With Plastic, I was able to follow your online docs to create a new local repository, add a workspace, and sync from GitHub using my normal GitHub credentials. (I used HTTPS this time, but I'm amenable to SSH if I can figure out how to tell Plastic client how to find my SSH public key.)

I created a branch in Plastic, made some small changes, then checked in the changeset on my branch.

Attempting to push to the GitHub repo, however, fails every time because Plastic is unable to authenticate. I know the credentials are good, because I'm simultaneously logged into the GitHub web interface with those same credentials.

I've got several questions related to this, some of which I can't find in the docs but others are requesting clarification of what the docs say. :)

  • I have not set up an email mapping in the Plastic config file, because the email associated with my Plastic Cloud account is the same as the email for my GitHub account. Do I need to provide a mapping file anyway, e.g., "myself@example.com = myself@example.com"?
  • The email mapping file says the LHS should be the email for my Plastic account. The only repos involved are on my local SSD and on GitHub, so I am confused as to why the Plastic Cloud account is involved at all here. Can you please explain?
  • My GitHub login credentials are by a username and not by email address, so how does that affect what I put into Plastic's config and/or popup prompts?
  • Is it possible to change the remote sync method and/or repository path without deleting and starting over on the local side? (I'm familiar with the process for deleting the metadata under AppData/Local/ or equivalent).
  • The documentation for PlasticSCM GitSync doesn't seem to cover how to use SSH keys, and the popups are quite specific in requiring a password. I have my SSH pubkeys installed in my GitHub account, but I don't know where to configure Plastic client to use them.
  • Does the fact that my GitHub repo is a fork of another repo, and I don't have write access to the parent repo, matter to Plastic?
  • Finally, if Plastic is storing the remote repo metadata, why is it prompting me for credentials at all? For good security, my GitHub password is a long random string, so am I going to have to retrieve it to clipboard from my password manager tool every time I want to push to remote Git servers?

Thanks for the info, and sorry for the newbie questions.

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