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[Feedback] UI branch info text overlaps and covers another branch


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  • AlanMattano changed the title to [Feedback] UI branch info text overlaps and covers another branch

Dear AlanMattano,

Thank you for posting your feedback here. I can confirm this occurs when:

  1. The branch length is short (as the name of the branch, displayed as a label with some alpha on top, will fit the length of the branch itself)
  2. The branch name is long.
  3. There are several branches forking from the same changeset

I am reporting this issue to the development team.

By now, I would kindly recommend you to consider shorting your branch names (maybe by using an incremental identifier) and type the verbose details in the comments box. You may lose some detail on the branches view, but you will ease the navigation.

Thank you again for your feedback and do not hesitate to contact us in case you find something else.


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Posted (edited)

Thanks, Jaime Finat!

To Developers: I really love an informative exposed descriptive title instead of few letters. Since Version control has sostitude my

      internal changelog, release note, software changes Readme.txt

, Is important to understand what the brunch title is working like the revision history update notes does,

so that for me without the need for hovering or clicking on it.

Is important to exposed descriptive titles because version control is the modern history updates README.

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better explanation
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Why don't you use a branch comment to describe the task details?

Internally we prefer to use a number to name the branches "SCM1234". This number fits with the issue tracker id for the specific task.



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