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Issues with Undo or delete files


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Im having some kind of problem any time I open my Unity project where Plastic is saying I touched a whole bunch of .metas and other files that I didnt. 

Normally this is a very common and usually bypass-able issue of source control, but Plastic likes to throw some kind of error about some specific file every time I go to undo or delete all my changes. 

I was wondering if there's any kind of easy or fast method for hard resetting my workspace to my current changeset? That seems like the fastest way to bypass any issue like this one, but Im not super familiar with how that would go. I would greatly appreciate any tips anyone could share. :)

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Could you let us know the details of the errors you are facing when trying to undo your local changes?

The normal behavior is undoing your changes before switching your workspace to a different branch/changeset. You can also try to undo changes via CLI: 

cm partial unco --all



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