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--ignorefailed equivalent for non-partial workspaces


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Hi there, I'm trying to create a script to automatize tasks in Plastic SCM using CLI commands. I'm struggling to prevent the cm ci command from showing the UI to solve conflicts. I can see there's an --ignorefailed option when using cm partial ci but I can't find any equivalent to do the same when in a non-partial workspace, how do I skip user interaction completely? Thanks in advance

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If you want to prevent the command to manually solve conflicts, I guess you are running a merge prior to the checkin? Conflict resolution is liked to a merge opeartion.

With the "cm merge --help" command you can check how to automatize the conflict resolution:

    --keepsource              Accepts all changes from source contributor for
                              items with conflicts.
    --keepdestination         Preserves changes from destination contributor
                              for items with conflicts.
    --automaticresolution     Used to resolve directory conflicts. This option
                              lets you choose whether the source or the
                              destination contributor should be automatically
                              selected to resolve the conflict.
                              Use a semicolon to separate conflict types.
                              See Remarks for more info.



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