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Why am I receiving "WorkspaceInfo cannot be null" error message, despite no changes to file directory?


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I'm not sure why I'm receiving this Error:
"WorkspaceInfo cannot be null"

What I did:
- Worked a few hours on my project in Unity;

- Directed attention again to the Plastic window (which had been open / running the entire time, and which I had successfully been using to push changes all day);

- Expected the Pending Changes window to be full of my changes to Checkin, (as I had been doing all day until now), but I instead found the Pending Changes window to be empty;

- Clicked "Refresh" in Pending Changes, and received the error message, "WorkspaceInfo cannot be null".


I see that there are other topics suggesting that this appears from a change in the file directory, but as far as I can tell, this has not been changed in my case.

I can view all files in the Workspace Explorer through Plastic, and also see them all in the File Explorer -- All the files in the project are in the same place I left them, as to be expected.


My attempts to resolve:

1 - Close Plastic and Re-open:

Result >> No changes to issue.

2- Restart computer:

Result >> No changes to issue.

3- Make new workspace directing to the project folder:

I received a message saying the workspace already exists, and was unable to create the new workspace.

Result >> No changes to issue.

4 - Make backup of project and create new workspace to this new backup project folder:

I received the same message as above saying the workspace (naming the original, not this new backup workspace I've just defined) already exists. I was unable to create the new workspace.

Result >> No changes to issue.

Can anyone suggest why I would be receiving this error message, and how to resolve the workspace so that I can continue to 'Checkin' changes?


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Well.. I've resolved the issue!
I'm not sure which step actually resolved the issue but continuing from steps above, I...

5 - Upgraded to the latest Plastic version.

>> Still had same error message in the "Pending Changes" window.

6 - Closed the Pending Changes window and re-opened.

>> Success! No more error message! All my pending changes are visible and I was able to Checkin.

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1 hour ago, calbzam said:


Thanks for the update. It's a bit strange. If a similar issue happens again, we will need to review the client logs to debug it.



Sure thing - I'll reach out again if I ever encounter a similar issue. Thanks!

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