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Please give us an option to use the Recycle Bin


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If Plastic would give users an option to move deleted files to the recycle bin rather than permanently deleting them, it would really save our bacon sometimes.

I managed to find two uservoice requests on this:



The first one was closed because it hadn't gotten enough votes in a year. The second one was closed within a week because it had been asked before. Which is frustrating, because this seems to shut it down from ever being a feature in the future, no matter how many people might want it.

Personally, I ran into this just this week. I'd been fighting with Plastic issues all day (having some sort of network problem only with Plastic, which I talked to support about). In this hectic day, I accidentally deleted a folder that contained all the changes I'd been working on in the last day. If Plastic could have put them in the recycle bin instead, it would have saved me a couple of hours of work reconstructing them.

I know that Pablo posted on one of those requests:


I must admit I personally hate "recycle bin", I always remove with SHIFT-DELETE on windows and I think I never used the dust bin in 15 years or so. I always thought it was more a secretary thing than something meant to be used by coders but... I might be mistaken 😜

I get that. Usually on the filesystem I do the same thing. But I don't find the same to be the case for when I delete things in a tool like Plastic, Unity, Visual Studio, etc. If I delete a file in those, it was probably a pretty important file, not just some random download or whatever. It's high value. That's why of those three I mentioned, all but Plastic delete to the recycle bin.

It's especially frustrating when using a tool like version control, which is something that's all about not losing your valuable work.

I'm posting this here rather than uservoice because it feels like it'll just get instantly closed like the last one, and some people might want to weigh in on it when they do a google search in the years to come (google searches don't seem to index uservoice properly, missing one of those links above) to see why Plastic doesn't do this.

I get it if you don't want it to be the default (though that would help save more people). But at least give us the option. I keep seeing so many Plastic updates with changes that in no way add any value for our team. Not saying they don't add value for someone, but it would be nice to see something I'd actually use. And from a programming standpoint, it seems a pretty straightforward and unchallenging task.

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My artist just lost hours of work after accidently pressing Undo. He's got in the habit of pressing it to get rid of boot.config (and other unchanged, but touched files) which keeps appearing and it annoys him. What he didn't see was that he also removed his art asset. Yes it was user error, but ...

If move to RecyleBin had been the default (or even an option) on Undo then we could have recovered it. Artists mess up all the time with developer tools. Now he doesn't trust Unity and wants to keep his files separate and copy them in. This doesn't allow merging of course and will undo other changes. Please, please, please make this workflow Artist (idiot) proof.

There is a UserVoice that was closed by the CEO/Founder who probably hasn't worked with artists before to experience the pain of the call I just had. It would be good to resurrect it if possible now Unity as a primary use case for PlasticSCM:


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Hey @Arlorean, I truly empathise with the situation you faced, there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to safeguarding changes from the user!

I think its important to note that this feature would only be effective for reversing a Delete operation and not an Undo operation, as the Undo operation only reverts changes to controlled files and does not delete Added and Private files.

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Hey guys,

I just had a team run into this problem.  They deleted private files not thru os but thru client and now have no chance to retrieve the deleted files.  This issue may not come up often, but is very bad when it does occur.  So yes the probability of the risk here is low, but the consequence when the risk becomes a problem is huge.   Consequence of not having a feature (when it is a "saftey of my data" feature like this) needs to be taken into consideration not just how often it would be used.  This should be provided as a feature (or at least option) to move "deleted" files to some sort of "moved" folder in the WS (in the .plastic dir?), or ??

You already sort of do this today when someone "deleted" a WS, you do not actually delete the dir/files of the WS.  Why is that?  I would supposed for this same reason (to "protect" private or not yet checked in files).

Went looking for a suggestion to vote for, but the only ones I found were closed.

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